About - Autolikeus

What is Autolikeus?

Autolikeus facebook auto tools. Created on 18/4/2015. Established and developed by only one person.

We provide free, secure, fast auto, bot and boom function for Facebook users. It is completely protected website & never spam. Autolikeus also gives many other services, And give you best experience on Likes System!

It is programmed and designed to help Facebook users to grow their audience and visibilty on the 1st Worldwide social media

Autolikeus is completely free and we never ask people money for our services. We provide the best of Facebook services for free!

Our services:

Auto like, reaction, share, comment,followers and friends.

Bot like, reaction, exlike, exreaction, comment and interact.

Boom like, reaction, and comment.

And more tools you can discover by login in.

Our range:

Autolikeus has a very large user base - in fact there are over 10,000 users per month (more in the future).


To let people know about our site, mostly those who are begging their friends to like their posts.


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