How to login?

Step 1:

Change your fb follower setting in order to Autolikeus working properly.

Step 2:

Click Me And click 3 times Okay button and allow all permission. Iand in the end you get this type of link. Just copy whole url and go to home page and paste it in the input box.

Step 3:

After pasting the access token in the input box and clicking submit, you will have to enter captcha to proceed.

How to get likes?

Step 1:

Change your post privacy to Public like shown in the below picture.

Step 2:

After logging in, you will see page which has several options and one will be Use Autolikeus, click on it. After that you will see page like shown in the below picture, now click Get Likes button and start getting likes.

Still having trouble?

Watch the below video tutorial for better understanding.